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Q. What is RBYB?

 A. RBYB (Redondo Beach Youth Basketball) is an independent not for profit recreational league operating in Redondo Beach. Our main charter is to teach the fundamentals of basketball and teamwork with positive reinforcement to children of all skill levels in a competitive and fun atmosphere, where everyone plays at least 2 periods of the game.

Q. When was RBYB founded?

A. RBYB was founded in 1973 by Dick and Louise Shaw of Redondo Beach. Their goal was simple: Teach the boys and girls of our (Redondo Beach) community to play basketball.

Q. Who manages RBYB?

A. RBYB is managed by about 20 volunteer Board Members. Some of the Board members are parents who do double duty serving as coaches of one or more teams and as committee members. Others are community adults with no children in the league. Almost all these volunteers hold full time jobs and give countless hours of their time to make the League run effortlessly. For a list of the current Board and their RBYB email addresses, go to RBYB Website and click on Board Members.

Q. What months does the RBYB League operate?

A. The RBYB League team practices and regular season play starts at the end of November and continues into March.

Q. Does RBYB operate in the Spring or Summer?

A. Although volunteer Board planning for the next year does begin on July 1 and extends thru November, RBYB currently does not operate during March thru November. This enables our players to participate in other sports and/or basketball travel teams.


Q. I would like to volunteer, how do I join?

A. Volunteers are vital to the smooth operation of the League. Volunteers are needed to help in many different areas, besides the Board. The league currently has over 170 terrific volunteers. Volunteers are needed to help with coaching, acting as team parent, snack bar relief and gym facility set up, clean up and monitoring. If you would like to help out, please go to the RBYB website and click on the DIBS Tab.

Q. I would like to serve on the RBYB Board?

A. Nominations for the next season’s Board of Directors are posted the 2nd week in February. Please contact any Board Member for answers to any questions you may have.

Q. When are RBYB Board elections held?

A. Board Elections are held at the end of the season, which is usually the 1st Saturday or Sunday in March following the League’s Playoffs. Check website for more details.  Beginning in 2012 voting is done online.  Members will receive an email notifying them when voting has begun.  If you are a member and do not have access online, you may request a ballot from a board member at the end of the season.

Q. I would like to Coach, what do I need to do?

A. We would love to have you. If you would like volunteer as a Head Coach or Assistant Coach, please go to the RBYB website and fill out a Coach Application. RBYB will send you the necessary online LIVE Scan information. LIVE Scan must be given to the Division Athletic Director by October 1st. A Coach meeting will be held the 1st Wednesday in October. Check the RBYB website for more details.


Q. What Grade Levels does RBYB serve?

A. RBYB serves both boys and girls in Grades K - 12.

Q. Are any of the teams Coed, i.e. do the Boys play with the Girls?

A. Only two division are Coed: The Breaker (Grade K – 2) Division and the High School Division. For Grades 3 – 8, there are separate divisions for both the boys and the girls – these teams are not Coed.

Q. What are the League’s Division Names and how do I know what Division my child will be assigned to?

A. RBYB has eight (8) Divisions. Each Division can consist of teams numbering from 4 – 14 in total. The divisions are defined by Grade as follows:

Girls Divisions:
WAVE - 3rd and 4th Grade Girls
PACIFIC - 5th and 6th Grade Girls
OCEAN - 7th and 8th Grade Girls

Boys Divisions:
CLINIC - 3rd and 4th Grade Boys
AMERICAN - 5th and 6th Grade Boys
NATIONAL - 7th and 8th Grade Boys

COED Divisions: 
BREAKERS - 1st and 2nd Grade Boys and Girls
HIGH SCHOOL - 9th-12th Grade Boys and Girls

 Q. Can my child play above or below his Division grade level?

A. Exceptions to the Grade level assignment above are rare; but occasionally there are circumstances where a child’s skill level may warrant such consideration. Parents are asked to contact the Division Athletic Director, download and submit the Special Request form, and plan on attending the Player Evaluation time slot for the Division you are requesting.  Approval of the request by both the Division Athletic Director and the RBYB board is required prior to player draft day.

Q. Are there player participant caps for any of the Divisions?

A. Yes, Division player participant caps are in effect due to current game facility capacity limitations. Once the following Division Player Registration capacity limit is reached all players are automatically put on WAIT LIST Status:

Girls Divisions:
WAVE - 3rd and 4th Grade Girls -96 (12 Teams x 8 Players)
PACIFIC - 5th and 6th Grade Girls - 64 (8 Teams x 8 Players)
OCEAN - 7th and 8th Grade Girls - 64 (8 Teams x 8 Players)

Boys Divisions:
CLINIC - 3rd and 4th Grade Boys - 128 (16 Teams x 8 Players)
AMERICAN - 5th and 6th Grade Boys - 152 (19 Teams x 8 Players)
NATIONAL - 7th and 8th Grade Boys - 144 (18 Teams x 8 Players)

COED Divisions: 
BREAKERS - K-2nd Grade Boys and Girls 96 (12 Teams x 8 Players)
HIGH SCHOOL - 9th-12th Grade Boys and Girls 64 (8 Teams x 8 Players)


Q. How are team names assigned?

A. RBYB uses NBA team names for all Boy Divisions in Grades 3 - 8; WNBA team names for all Girl Divisions in Grades 3 – 8. The Breaker and High School Divisions are free to choose a team name.

Q. Does RBYB have a player evaluation and tryout?

A. Yes, the player evaluation is usually held the 2nd or 3rd weekend in October. Check Website Home page or Registration flyer for dates, times and location.

Q. What if player cannot make the Evaluation date, is there a makeup day? 

A. Player Evaluation is mandatory, failure to “try out” will result in the player being “WAIT LISTED” and not “being drafted” to a team. Please email your Division Athletic Director (AD), as soon as possible if there is a scheduling conflict. Depending on how many players require a makeup (last season only 30 out of 600 players in total did not make the Evaluation Day) the Evaluation Coordinator may choose to schedule one additional make up Evaluation day in late October to get the player(s) evaluated so that they can be eligible for team draft.

Q. When are players drafted to a team?

A. Player Draft is held the first weekend in November. It closed to the public. Only Head Coaches may attend.

Q. What is the Player Draft and how is it conducted?

A. Player Draft is based on the Ranking Rating results of the Player Evaluation. RBYB strives for BALANCED Team Skill levels. We used what we call a DOUBLE-BLIND Draft technique. Here all Head coaches are not guaranteed the team that their children may be assigned. The AD will assign players randomly to teams based on those results, the coaches of the respective divisions then discuss the top 50% of the players as to their observation during Scrimmage evaluation and re-rank. After all coaches in attendance are good with the teams, the coaches then draw for a Team, they may keep that team or trade their children in a swap for position. We continually check for LEAGUE BALANCE. Then we check for Special Request conflicts on Practice Day/Time conflicts and finally sibling requests.

Q. When will I receive notification of which team my child is on?

A. You should receive a call or email from the coach on or before November 15. If you do not hear by that time, please email your Division Athletic Director (AD) or the Registrar. Go to the RBYB website Click Board Members and click on the appropriate AD email address.


Q. When do practices begin?

A. Regular season practices begin the week after the Thanksgiving holiday.  Note, some coaches may elect to have a few early informal practices prior to the Thanksgiving holiday.  These early season practices are not mandatory.  Note, that practices over the Winter Break in December (between Christmas and New Year’s) may or may not be held and are at the coach’s discretion. Parents and Players should advise coach about non- availability during those weeks.

Q. Is attendance at practices mandatory?

A. No, but players are strongly encouraged to participate in as many practices as possible. Failure to show up for practices can result in limited playing time for the player at the Coach’s discretion with Athletic Director approval. Parents are required to advise Coach of any expected missed practices due to illness, school schedule conflicts, or grade/home discipline issues as soon as known.

Q. How many times a week are practices held and for how long?

A. Except for the Breaker Division which practices once a week, usually Saturday a.m., all other Divisions in Grades 3 – 8 practice two times a week for one hour. Coaches pick a standard weekday combination (i.e. Mon/Wed or Tue/Thu) and a one-hour time slot starting between 5:00pm and 8:00 pm. Note, some teams may schedule extra practices on Friday nights or Saturday afternoons; this is usually discussed and agreed to at the Coach and Parent team meeting before the start of practices.  The coach and players determine the High School division practice schedule

Q. Where are practices held?

A. All Practices are currently held outdoors at both RBUSD and RB Parks and Recreation Sites. Grades 3 -12 hold practices at: Parras Middle School, Adams Middle School, and Perry Park. The Breaker Division practice sites are Washington Elementary, Alta Vista, Jefferson and Madison Elementary schools. All practice sites are required to be held at approved locations within the City of Redondo Beach city limits.

Q. How will I know if a Practice has been cancelled?

A. All Practice cancellations should be communicated to the player by 3:00 pm on Practice Day. As a rule of thumb, there are occasional Rainouts on Practice day, if there has been light rainfall during the day, sometimes our courts are dry by Practice time, it is recommended that go to the practice site. If the COURTS ARE WET – No Practice. If it has been raining hard most of the day, it is possible the COURTS MAY BE VERY WET – No Practice. In any event, contact your coach 1 hour before practice time to confirm.

Q. What should my child wear or bring to practices?

A. All players should wear basketball shorts or warm-ups, basketball (not Vans or skateboard) shoes and socks and a T-shirt or basketball jersey or a light sweatshirt or jacket. They may bring a basketball and water bottle to practice. The following are not allowed: chewing gum, hats, hair clips, bandanas, and jewelry (watches, earrings, chains, rings, etc.)


Q. Where are games held?

A. All RBYB games are held indoors at the Aviation Gym located behind the RB Performing Arts Center on Aviation Blvd. and Manhattan Beach Blvd. off Doolittle Drive in Redondo Beach. Some games could be held at the Redondo Union High School Pavilion. In 2011, some games could be scheduled on the Parras Middle School and Adams Middle School campuses.

Q. When does the season start and how long is it?

A. RBYB operates the league from the end of November thru the first week of March. Actual season games usually start the first Friday in January and go for 8 weeks. Our Divisional Playoffs and Championships are usually held the first weekend of March. Check the website for exact dates.

Q. When are games played?

A. All games are played on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. They are 1 hour in length. Except for the Breakers, Wave and High School Divisions, which have only one game each weekend; all other Divisions in Grades 3 – 8 will usually play two games each weekend. There may be one or two weekends where only 1 game may be scheduled in those other divisions. Game Schedule Hours are Friday – 5:30pm – 9:30pm; Saturday – 8:00 am – 9:00 pm.; and Sunday – 8:00am – 4:00pm.

Q. When will the Game Schedules be available?

A. Game schedules will be made available no later than December 20 on the RBYB website. Parents and fans are asked to check the Website often.

Q. What should my child wear or bring on Game Day?

A. All players MUST wear the RBYB League team assigned Jersey top and shorts, laced basketball (not Vans or skateboard) shoes and socks. Bring a water bottle or drink for fluid replenishment. All T-Shirts worn under the Jersey Top must be WHITE in color, no colored shirts are allowed. Player BASKETBALLS are PROHIBITED in the GYM on GAME day; only COACH TEAM BALLS are allowed. The following are not allowed: chewing gum, hats, hair clips, bandanas, and jewelry (watches, earrings, chains, rings, etc.).

Q. How will we know if a game has been cancelled or rescheduled?

A. Game cancellations and reschedules are very rare, as all games are played indoors. However, if this should occur you will receive an EMAIL 1 - 2 weeks before the game day from the RBYB/MYL Scheduler software. Parents and fans are asked to check their RBYB Team Website often. Exceptions to this, of course, are GAME FOREFEITURES due to NO SHOW or insufficient players to start the game. This is not known until the Day/Hour of the game; the win is awarded to the team in attendance and NOT rescheduled.


Q. I work for City of Redondo Beach or RBUSD, but do not live in Redondo Beach; can I still register my child?

A. Yes, you may register, and your child is treated as a Resident of Redondo Beach and gets priority over non-city employee/non-resident registrants.

Q. I don’t live in Redondo Beach, but my child goes to a RBUSD School, can I still register my child?

A. Yes, you may register, and your child is treated as a Resident of Redondo Beach, but could be WAITLISTED; but he/she gets priority over our non-city employee/non-resident registrants.

Q. Can I sign up in person on Player Evaluation Day?

A. Online registration is mandatory. You can sign up in person on Evaluation Day, but your registration will not be considered complete UNTIL you have registered online. And your child will be put on the WAITLIST until this done.

Q. Registration

All registration is done online on our website:

Beginning with the 2019-2020 registration, we will be rolling out a new three tiered registration process, along with our new website and online registration. 

We are excited to learn, grow and improve the way we serve our players, families and RBYB community. 

Tier 1 -August 15, 2019 at 12:01am  - Registration begins for Redondo Beach Residents

Tier 2 - August 29, 2019 at 12:01am - Registration begins for returning 2018-2019 RBYB Players and continues for Redondo Beach Residents

Tier 3 - September 12, 2019 at 12:01am - Open Registration Begins

If you have questions please contact your 2019-2020 RBYB Registrar Felicia Villarreal at

Registration Fees:


Girls Divisions:

WAVE - 3rd and 4th Grade Girls - $200 for the Season
PACIFIC - 5th and 6th Grade Girls - $200 for the Season
OCEAN - 7th and 8th Grade Girls - $200 for the Season

Boys Divisions:

CLINIC - 3rd and 4th Grade Boys - $225 for the Season
AMERICAN - 5th and 6th Grade Boys - $225 for the Season
NATIONAL - 7th and 8th Grade Boys - $225 for the Season

COED Divisions: 

BREAKERS - K- 2nd Grade Boys and Girls - $175 for the Season
HIGH SCHOOL - 9th-12th Grade Boys and Girls - $175 for the Season



Q. What Documents are required for Players to the League?

1. Proof of Age (Birth Certificate, Passport or Insurance card showing birth date)

2. Proof of Grade (School Picture ID, current Class Schedule, typed note from the schoolteacher, or last year's final school report card)

3. RBYB Medical and Liability Release

Q. What is the RBYB Medical and Liability Release Form and why do you need it?

A. This League document is required by law and consists of various legal releases relating to Emergency treatment, Liability and Disclaimers, authorization and consent for use of pictures and mailing addresses and provides coaches with information regarding Medical Allergies and Limitations.

(You will find this in our online registration)

Q. What is the RBYB Code of Conduct/Zero Tolerance Form and why do you need it?

A. Also known as the RBYB Code of Conduct. This applies to all members of the league, which includes, but is not limited to, coaches, parents and players, officials, and league volunteers. It outlines the leagues expectations for a positive environment and identifies types of behavior that is considered unacceptable and what action(s) the Board may initiate should members violate the Code of Conduct rules listed. All members of RBYB, including parents and players automatically consent and acknowledge the Code of Conduct requirement during online registration.  All RBYB members, players, parents, coaches, spectators, volunteers, board members, and referees are subject to the Code of Conduct.


Q. How do I know if my child has been “WAIT LISTED”?

A. Beginning with our new 2019-2020 Online registration it will come up immediately when you try to register and we have reached capacity.

Q. If my child has been wait listed, how and when will I be notified that he is on a team?

A. The Athletic Director assigns Wait Listed Players to teams as players drop -- which can happen prior to the season starting or during the first two weeks of the season.


Q. What are RBYB’s Player Registration Fees?

A. The Fees vary depending on the Division. Please go to  our website: for more information.

Q. What form of payment does RBYB accept?

A. We will accept online payment only during registration, beginning in our 2019-2020 Season.

Q. What are RBYB’s Registration Fees used for?

A. The Fees pay for player jerseys, a basic player/team picture package, a player participation award, player league insurance, game referee fees, and facility costs. Note: The High School Division players DO NOT get a participation award.

Q. Does the league offer a Sibling discount for multiple children?

A. Yes. A $25.00 discount is given to families registering more than one child in the league. It does not apply to children in the BREAKERS, WAVE or HIGH SCHOOL Divisions as these divisions are already discounted.

Q. Does RBYB have a Late Fee Registration Policy and when does it apply?

A. Yes. As registration is opened in mid-August, a $50.00 late fee kicks in around October 15.


Q. Why do I have to post a Snack Bar Deposit?

A. All players must pay a $75.00 Snack Bar deposit for each child, unless they opt out at time of online registration. This deposit is refunded to you along with SportsEngine fees paid when you work your assigned snack bar shift. RBYB provides the Snack Bar as a convenient way to grab something to eat during the season. The deposit ensures that we have manpower to operate the Snack Bar during the season. Think of it as your giving back “volunteer time” to the league.

Q. When will I know what day/time I am assigned for Snack Bar duty?

A. If you have selected the $75 Snack Bar deposit, you will need to select a day and time that works with your schedule on the DIBS tab on our website.  You may pick any available volunteer slots by selecting the date and time that works for you.  You will then be expected volunteer on the day and at the time you selected.  It is your responsibility to make sure you work your shift, if you want your $75.00 Deposit refunded. 

Q. What if I forget to work my Snack Bar Shift or later decide to forfeit?

A. Notify the Snack Bar Coordinator that you intend to reschedule. If you do not reschedule within two weeks or you decide to forfeit during the season, your $75.00 deposit will not be refunded.   Snack Bar time slots are available online on a first come / first served basis, so select your day and time as soon as possible.

Q. Do I have to work the Snack Bar?

A. No. You can opt out at the time of registration and pay $50.00, which will be charged to your credit card along with your registration fees. You will not be required to work a one-hour shift.

Q. Can I send my children to work my snack bar duty?

A. No. RBYB snack bar duty is a parental responsibility.  A parent must work the snack bar shift, you cannot have your children work the snack bar in your place.   If you are not available to work your shift, you can reschedule for another time, or opt-out, otherwise you will forfeit your snack bar deposit.


Q. I would like to register my child, but I have a low income. Is Financial Aid available?

A. Yes. Financial Aid Full and Partial Scholarships are available to Redondo Beach Residents only. Please go to website and Download the Scholarship Request Application. If approved, you MUST volunteer 8 hours of your time during the season to the league; failure to meet this requirement, during the financial aid season, will result in your not being eligible for financial aid in future seasons.


Q. What is the Last Day to drop for a Full Refund? How do I request a Refund?

A. Last day to drop and receive a full refund of your registration fees is the October 31st. Your Notification to Drop must be emailed to the Division Athletic Director and Registrar on/or before that date in order to receive a FULL Refund of Registration fees paid.

Q. If I drop after the Drop deadline date but before the season starts do, I get my Registration fees refunded?

A. No. You forfeit the All Registration fees paid; however, your Snack Bar Deposit will be returned to you.

Q. If I drop after the Drop deadline date but before the season starts do, I get my Snack Bar Deposit back?

A. Yes. 

Q. If my child has been wait listed, how and when will I be notified that he is on a team, when can I request a refund?

A. The Athletic Director assigns Wait Listed Players to teams as players drop -- which can happen prior to the season starting or during the first two weeks of the season.