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Dear Participants,

Thank you all for supporting our 49th Annual RBYB Battle at the Beach Tournament. We were truly looking forward to seeing each of you next weekend!

Due to the growing concerns over the Covid-19 virus, RBYB has decided to cancel our upcoming tournament. Teams will be refunded registration fees immediately. The refund will go back to the credit card you registered with.

Thank you again for your support.


Mike Rodriguez
Tournament Director
Redondo Beach Youth Basketball

Please join us for our 2019-2020 RBYB 49th Annual Battle at The Beach Tournament

Friday, March 20th - Sunday, March 22nd

Separate Brackets for Club and Recreation Teams

Boys Divisions

Girls  Division


Recreation Division 1 - 3rd & 4th Grade Boys

Recreation Division 1 - 3rd & 4th Grade Girls

Recreation Division 2 - 5th & 6th Grade Boys

Recreation Division 2 - 5th & 6th Grade Girls

Recreation Division 3 - 7th & 8th Grade Boys

Recreation Division 3 - 7th & 8th Grade Girls

Club Division 1 - 3rd & 4th Grade Boys

Club Division 1 - 3rd & 4th Grade Girls

Club Division 2 - 5th & 6th Grade Boys

Club Division 2 - 5th & 6th Grade Girls

Club Division 3 - 7th & 8th Grade Boys

Club Division 3 - 7th & 8th Grade Girls

Player Eligibility

Players must play at or above their current grade level. A player may only play for one team during the tournament. Proof of Grade (School ID or last report card) AND Proof of Age (Birth Certificate or Passport) are required at time of team check-in. Tournament Medical release form must be signed by the player’s parent/legal guardian, prior to participating. Failure to provide this information will render the player ineligible to play.


BOYS TEAMS $275.00  


Multi-Team Discount for 3 Teams or More - $25.00 Discount Per Team


Redondo Beach Youth Basketball Tournament Classic Rules and Regulations


The following regulations apply to all divisions:


  1. All teams must be prepared to show proof of GRADE and AGE for players to be eligible.
  2. Teams must arrive at least ten (10) minutes prior to their scheduled playing time, or a forfeit may be called.
  3. A team may start a game with 4 players.
  4. A player cannot be on more than one roster in the tournament, unless otherwise approved prior to the start of the tournament.
  5. It is the responsibility of each individual team to control the behavior of their fans. Any player, parent or coach who demonstrates unsportsmanlike conduct of any kind before, during, or after a game will result in a warning to the team, up to and including forfeiture. Additional warnings may lead to a team disqualification from the tournament. This will be strictly at the discretion of the Tournament Officials.
  6. Any player, coach, parent or fan that is ejected from a game is suspended for their team’s next game. All ejections must be reported immediately following the game to the tournament officials.
  7. Coaches must stand within their respective coach’s box. Any failure to do so will result in a technical foul call. Any coach who receives a technical foul during the game must remain seated for the remainder of the game.
  8. Only one coach may stand at any time during the game.
  9. Coaches may not approach the scorer’s table for any reason during the game.
  10. When making substitutions, players need to report to the scorer’s table, kneel down and wait for the official’s signal to enter the game.
  11. Players, who are not playing in the immediate game, may not be on the gym court for any reasons.
  12. Please exit the court immediately following your respective game so the next team may prepare for their game.
  • Four (4) Ten-minute quarters, running clock, except the last two (2) minutes of the 4th quarter will be stop clock mode.
  • Overtime will be two (2) minutes in the stop clock mode.
  • Any time a game has a greater than 15-point differential; the last two minutes of the 4th quarter will be a running clock, unless the differential drops to 10 points or less.
  • Two (2) time-outs per half. Timeouts do not carry over.
  • One (1) time-out per overtime. Timeouts do not carry over.
  • Players are disqualified on their 5th personal foul.
  • Teams will shoot one and one on the 7th team foul per half. Two shots on the 10th team foul per each half.


Tournament Officials have the last word on any ruling during the tournament.

No refunds will be granted for any reason.


For More Information:

Redondo Beach Youth Basketball